n Innovation : journal of appropriate librarianship and information work in Southern Africa - Editorial

Volume 2010, Issue 40
  • ISSN : 1025-8892



This issue has a special focus on information behaviour which Donald Case (2002: 76) described as "a term whose time has come." Information behaviour is "the totality of human behaviour in relation to sources and channels of information, including both active and passive information seeking, and information use" (Wilson 1999: 249). These activities are those "a person may engage in when identifying his or her own needs for information, searching for such information in any way, and using or transferring that information" (Wilson 1999: 249). Described succinctly information behaviour is "how people need, seek, give and use information in different contexts" (Pettigrew, Fidel and Bruce 2001: 44). Karen Fisher, Sanda Erdelez and Lynne McKechnie (2005: xx) point out that there was a "flurry of activity" in the late 1990s in theoretical activity relating to information behaviour. Case's book, (2002) is described by Fisher, Erdelez, and McKechnie 2005: ix) as the first comprehensive textbook devoted to information behaviour. It was followed three years later by the collection , edited by Fisher, Erdelez, and McKechnie (2005). Other significant texts are identified in Christine Stilwell's contribution to this issue.

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