n English in Africa - Children of the anthill : Nsukka and the shaping of Nigeria's 1960s literary generation

Volume 32, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 0376-8902


As a marker, 1988 highlights the significant emergence in print of Nigeria's 1960s literary generation. One of the signal events of this year was the publication of , an anthology of poems by hitherto-unpublished 'young' Nigerian poets. This publication was facilitated by the Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA), with Odia Ofeimun as its secretary-general, and edited by Dr Harry Garuba. Earlier, Uche Nduka had edited the path-breaking volume , an anthology with the same tenor as but less comprehensive in its representational scope. Beyond anthologization, 1988 was the year in which the ANA eased the publication of the Update Six - individual collections by six new Nigerian poets, published by Update Communications Ltd. Until then, the outlets for writers of the 1960s literary generation had mostly been readings at ANA meetings or conventions and the pages of , the annual journal of the Association of Nigerian Authors.

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