n Shakespeare in Southern Africa - The Springfield College Shakespeare Productions

Volume 25, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1011-582X



Springfield College of Education was a teacher training college in Durban during the apartheid years. It was intended as a college for Indian students and it opened in 1951. A remarkable tradition of Shakespeare production developed at the College during the next twenty years. The College finally closed in 1999, following a merger with other colleges of education. This whole history takes place against the background of apartheid. Springfield was originally a training college for Indian and 'coloured' students, but the coloured students were re-located to Bechet High School and Training College in 1956 ( 1.4 7). This was in accordance with the Nationalist policy of 'separate development'. Originally the college came under the control of the United Party dominated Natal Provincial Administration and formed part of the Natal Education Department, under the same Director of Education as the white government schools in Natal. In 1966, control of Springfield College transferred to the Director of Indian Education ( 2.4 1). Henceforward, there were some controversial political appointments to senior positions in Indian Education.

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