oa Arms Control : Africa - Securing Africa's nuclear resources

Volume 3, Issue 1
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Finding the balance between security and development is one of the most challenging aspects of the international nuclear security regime.

Although the need to better secure nuclear and other radioactive material and associated technologies has been on the international agenda for many years, it has taken on heightened significance in recent times. The reasons for this are firstly the uncovering in 2004 of an international nuclear smuggling ring, the A.Q. Kahn network, which consisted of citizens from various countries spreading sensitive nuclear technologies without authorisation, and secondly post-9/11 evidence that Al Qaeda-linked groups have an interest in acquiring or developing a weapon of mass destruction (WMD) and in particular a nuclear or radiological explosive device. Sources of radiological and nuclear material include nuclear research reactors, nuclear power plants, radiological sources in hospitals, uranium and mines that produce uranium as a by-product.

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