n International SportMed Journal - Pregnancy and sport : recommendations for physical activity during pregnancy and puerperium (after childbirth) : FIMS Position Statement 2013

Volume 14, Issue 4
  • ISSN : 1528-3356



Pregnancy leads to considerable physiological changes in hemodynamics, the musculoskeletal system, metabolism, the endocrine system and the psyche. Therefore physical activity during pregnancy could have benefits concerning these changes and has already been attested to in many studies. But it has to be taken into account that an uncomplicated pregnancy is a requirement for regular physical activity. If appropriate, former physical activities can be maintained, but performance-oriented exercise and competitions, however, are not recommended. Women can and should adjust their physical activity according to their individual situation with the focus of attention on their subjective body perception. The higher energy turnover which is achieved through physical activity has a positive impact on the health of mother and child. In general, at four weeks after delivery, systematic training could be restarted. The following recommendations include general information on endurance and weight training during pregnancy.

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