n International SportMed Journal - Anaerobic evaluation of Taekwondo athletes : original research

Volume 15, Issue 4
  • ISSN : 1528-3356


The physiological and motor skills assessments from specific tests are essential to predicting performance. This study proposes a method for evaluation of the anaerobic power and capacity during a specific Taekwondo anaerobic test (TAT). This research comprised a descriptive study. Ten male athletes undertook the TAT, which consisted of kicking a punching bag as many times as possible over 30 s. The following variables were obtained: number of kicking cycles (AKC), mean kicking time (MKT), best kicking time (BKT), highest impact (HKI), mean impact (MKI) and fatigue index. Moreover, we measured the peak post-test blood lactate (LACmax) and muscular power during a counter movement jump (CMJ). A drop in performance (cycle kicking time and impact magnitude) during the last 20% of kicking cycles was found when compared to the initial 20% kicking cycles (p=0.01). The CMJ was significantly correlated with AKC (r=0.70), BKT (r=-0.89) and MKT (r=-0.79). LACmax was significantly correlated with AKC (r=0.65). The TAT reproduces motor skills of taekwondo and can be used to obtain indicators of anaerobic fitness.

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