n Institute for Security Studies Papers - Corruption and the South African Police Service. A review and its implications

Volume 2007, Issue 150
  • ISSN : 1026-0404


In 2002 the South African Police Service's (SAPS) anti-corruption unit was shut down after six years of apparently successful work. Since then the organisation has struggled to develop and implement a new corruption combating plan. While it is arguably impossible to measure the extent of corruption in the SAPS, research points to a correlation between rising public perceptions of police corruption and a loss of faith in policing institutions. Corruption thus threatens the legitimacy of one of the country's central structures of justice. In 2007 the SAPS was due to roll out a barrage of anti-corruption measures as part of an ambitious plan to clamp down on corruption in its ranks. In light of these developments this paper provides an overview of previous research on corruption in the organisation together with an introduction to SAPS's latest approach to corruption busting.

This paper represents an independently funded collaboration between the Crime and Justice and Corruption and Governance Programmes at the Institute for Security Studies.

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