oa Journal of Applied Science in Southern Africa - The battles occurring within the animal body: Will they ever end?

Volume 8, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1019-7788



When we see cattle grazing on lush green pasture, horses galloping in the racecourse, guard dogs patrolling their masters homesteads, and cats rolling on the carpet, it all looks like peace and tranquillity for these animals; however, in such cases we are looking through just one window in the life of these animals. The fact is that, animals live in a potentially hostile environment, harbouring a variety of physical, chemical and biological agents of all sorts of characteristics some of which are poised to irritate, injure or even kill them. Some of the biological agents have the tendency and ability to colonize the animal body and propagate themselves within it. Some of them just get into a symbiotic relationship with the animal host, but others will inflict injuries to the animal.

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