n Journal of Contemporary Management - Comparative analysis of factors influencing customers' attitude towards Internet and cell phone banking services

Volume 11, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1815-7440



Although cell phone banking was preceded by Internet banking, recent statistics in South Africa show that more customers are adopting cell phone banking compared to Internet banking. Customers' attitude significantly influences their behaviour in accepting or rejecting technology. This study employs customers' trust of the Internet and cell phone banking systems and subjective norm together with the TAM's constructs of perceived usefulness and perceived ease of use to simultaneously ascertain retail banking customers' attitude towards Internet and cell phone banking services and to determine whether significant differences exist in their attitude towards these services.

Results of this study indicate that although customers have a positive attitude towards both Internet and cell phone banking services, their overall attitude towards cell phone banking is more positive than that of Internet banking and they are not only more emphatic in their intention to start/continue using cell phone banking, but also to increase their frequency of usage. Hence a more rapid adoption and usage of cell phone banking services are envisaged in South Africa. The study also provides key insights for policy makers, retail banks and marketers responsible for designing, implementing and promoting a more kindly disposed adoption of Internet and cell phone banking in South Africa.

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