oa Journal of Contemporary Management - Managing an art exhibition : more than just hanging art on walls

Volume 13 Number 1
  • ISSN : 1815-7440



Funding for arts festivals is decreasing as governments cut funding to provide for the less fortunate. However, the number of arts festivals is still growing, especially in developing countries such as South Africa. They are also becoming more competitive while providing a platform to promote the arts - in this case, art exhibitions. Managers need to consider various matters that influence the visitor's experience at an art exhibition. Previous studies have focused on factors either prior to the visit or after the visit that influence the visitor's experience.

This article provides important insights so that the managers of these art exhibitions can effectively manage any changes required. The research underlying the article was aimed at determining the significant differences in visitors' expectations before and after visiting an art exhibition.
Two questionnaires were distributed by trained fieldworkers at the three venues that served as visual art exhibition galleries at the Clover Aardklop National Arts Festival. A paired-sample t-test based on management questions (CFS) and cross-tabulation was used to determine whether there were differences in visitors' expectations before and after visiting an exhibition. The results revealed that there was indeed a change in expectations if one compares the first survey to the second.

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