n Journal of Contemporary Management - When in Rome, converse as the Romans do : effective cross-cultural communication is the bridge between mediocrity and success

Volume 2, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1815-7440



When companies become multi-national, the business methodology followed by employees need to be reviewed for applicability abroad. Often companies continue applying the "culture norm" that, 'what worked is going to continue working because people despite their cultures are basically the same'. If managers truly understand that what works in Japan cannot be homogenized and shipped to Canada and used with equal success the process of understanding and utilizing cultural differences to grow the company can begin. It aims to capture these, sometimes elusive, truths about differences in how cultures view and approach communication and put them at managers' fingertips. Several topics will be covered to highlight relevant considerations; firstly, a basic outline of communication and its components; secondly, cultural differences, specifically regarding communication; then, criteria necessary for cross-cultural effectiveness and lastly, using different tactics for different cultures to achieve goals successfully.

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