n Journal of Contemporary Management - Job satisfaction of South African quantity surveyors : a racial analysis

Volume 4, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1815-7440



A web-based national questionnaire survey was used for a race-based examination of job satisfaction of quantity surveyors in post- South Africa. Issues explored included : how satisfied are 'Non-white' and 'White' quantity surveyors with their jobs; what influences their job satisfaction; what influenced their choice of career; what issues relating to race affect job satisfaction; and to what extent do the two groups experience harassment and discrimination at work? differences of opinion arise regarding : main drivers in career choice; feelings of job satisfaction; feelings about recognition by employers of achievements regardless of race; and views on maternity / paternity leave above statutory minima. differences between 'Non-whites' and 'Whites' arise over issues of : being subjected to greater supervision because of race; not being allowed to contribute meaningfully to the decision-making process; viewing PDI (Previously Disadvantaged Individual) status as a valid basis for promotion; seeing race respresentivity in the profession as important in combating discrimination at work; having personally experienced racial harassment and discrimination at work; and seeing respect for individual diversity in the workplace as important - with 'Whites' viewing these issues less 'empathically' than their 'Non-white' counterparts. The results provide valuable indicators for how the quantity surveying firms can create a more conducive work environment for professional staff.

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