n Journal of Contemporary Management - Project management training : the root cause of project failures?

Volume 8, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1815-7440



The business community and investors attribute project failure (especially IT projects) to the lack of appropriate education, training or certification for project managers. Project management scholars and practitioners argue that education, training and certification do not translate directly into project success. This article discusses the relationship between project management certification/accreditation and project management curricula in South Africa. The purpose of this research was to identify possible issues and limitations in the South African project management education system and propose a possible solution to the identified issues. The research work involved collecting and analysing information about the courses taught to project managers by most training providers registered with Project Management South Africa.

The research followed a qualitative approach using content analysis in order to find answers to the research question through the analysis of the data in a thematic way. The results indicate that project management education in South Africa is uncoordinated, covers bits and pieces and is not comprehensive enough to equip project managers sufficiently with both theory and practice. The benefit of this research is that it provides a clear overview of where South Africa is in project management training and hence provides room for improvement.

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