oa South African Journal of Chemical Engineering - Role of vortex finder depth on pressure drop and performance efficiency in a ribbed hydrocyclone - research

Volume 25 Number 1
  • ISSN : 1026-9185



Hydrocyclones are devices used in many chemical and mineral based process industries for separation of fine particles. To enhance the performance efficiency of hydrocyclone with optimum pressure drop several configuration of hydrocyclone is designed and developed. A new hydrocyclone with spiral rib was designed. In the present study, the effects of spiral rib on pressure drop and separation efficiency are investigated experimentally and effect of vortex finder depth of a ribbed hydrocyclone was analyzed. The experimental results showed that the spiral rib has a significant effect on pressure drop and separation efficiency. It is interesting to note that by using a rib in the cylindrical part of the hydrocyclone resulted in lower pressure drop and improved separation efficiency. The pressure drop decreases by 17.5% and total efficiency increases by 10.5% at a feed velocity of 5 m/s and at a vortex finder depth of 7.6 cm. Pressure drop and separation efficiency also affected by the vortex finder depth. In this study, four ribbed hydrocyclones with 6 cm, 7.6 cm, 9.8 cm and 12.5 cm vortex finder depth have been taken for the analysis. Separation efficiency is maximum for the vortex finder depth of 7.6 cm.

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