oa Conspectus : The Journal of the South African Theological Seminary - Section 2 : Articles on the New Testament - The Kingdom of the King-Extract from Portraits of Jesus: Matthew - research

Volume 2018 Number Special Edition
  • ISSN : 1996-8167



At the beginning of the second study our group divided into pairs, and each told the other briefly about ourselves and how we perceived the role of the church in our society. After ten minutes the leader called us together and asked us whether the message of the local church could be called 'good news'. Was it good news for people outside of that church? Was it good news for the poor? Your leader might like to add questions of his/her own. Our group was rather divided, and we began to see how our own class position and place in society affected our opinions. For those who were in daily contact with some form of oppression, the church which did not address itself to that context was largely irrelevant. For those whose major concern was keeping up a particular social status, the spirituality of the church was primary. After pointing out these differences one of the group then summarized the section on the social situation in Palestine for the rest of us (see p. 12 above). Then together we worked through the passage and the notes.

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