n French Studies in Southern Africa - Ontologie des funérailles dans Les soleils des indépendances d’Ahmadou Kourouma

Volume 2018 Number 48
  • ISSN : 0259-0247


Before the independence of African countries, parochial ontological theories dominated the literary and philosophical discourse on the continent. In 1968, Ahmadou Kourouma published a ground-breaking novel, The Suns of Independence, which heralded a different way of looking at African societies. In this context, this paper analyses the Malinké funerals, as they structure the novel, in order to establish how elements of the modern era, such as urbanisation and economic constraints, have ushered challenges to the traditional ontological approach to funerals in Africa. In using the funeral as the analytical spectrum, the paper will also show how, in the background, the postcolonial era in Africa equates to hybrid societal models.

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