n French Studies in Southern Africa - Le ventre de l’Atlantique de Fatou Diome « à l’interface du cosmopolitisme et des valeurs d’autochtonie »

Volume 2018 Number 48
  • ISSN : 0259-0247


This article aims to analyse the way Fatou Diome’s Le ventre de l’Atlantique places its own creative approach in a narrative situated between an ectopoetic and an ectopolitical writing. Furthermore, it is about studying the way the work is represented in a perspective of “fluidity” and “belongings modularity”. Through a critique of postnationalism and migration, we will attempt to reveal how Fatou Diome’s diasporic engagement leads to an in-between position illustrated by the metaphor of a deterritorialised identity within the space of an ectopoetic writing. This space, as the reprensentative of the author’s new homeland, constitutes an ectopolitical alternative where she locates her transcontinental identity.

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