n French Studies in Southern Africa - L’ordinateur et le téléphone portable en classe de FLE pour travailler l’oral

Volume 2018 Number 48
  • ISSN : 0259-0247


The aim of our study is to investigate in the first place the possibility to successfully practice oral skills using cell phones in teaching French as a foreign language, and in the second place discovering whether a specific audience, the so-called new generation, prefer working on computers or cellular phones to hone their oral skills. To achieve this objective, we created a series of activities using a cell phone application and a specific computer programme. These activities were presented to a group of students of North-West University on the Potchefstroom campus (South Africa). We administered questionnaires both before and after the activities to discover students’ preferences in working on the two different platforms. From the results received, we came to the conclusion that students, more specifically those of the new generation, prefer working on their mobile phones. Finally, we made recommendations to fellow teacher-researchers who wish to create or implement activities using cellular phones in language teaching and learning.

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