n Acta Germanica : German Studies in Africa - Geliebt und vergessen : Afrika in der westdeutschen Unterhaltungsliteratur der Nachkriegszeit. Der Fall Arnold Krieger

Volume 46 Number 1
  • ISSN : 0065-1273


Loved and forgotten. Africa in post-war West German popular literature. The case of Arnold Krieger

This paper looks at the apparent contradictions with regard to the 1955 novel Geliebt, gejagt und unvergessen (Loved, hunted and unforgotten) by Arnold Krieger (1904-1965). Krieger had already written about Africa in the 1930s, notably about the Anglo-Boer (South African) War. In the Nazi period, the author seems to have moved in “Inner Emigration” circles, who were opposed to the regime. With Geliebt, gejagt und unvergessen, Krieger achieved his breakthrough as a bestselling author. It was one of the most popular German novels of the 1950s. Its exoticism appears to fit nicely into the escapist tendencies of popular West German culture of the immediate post-war period, even though, or perhaps because, it dispenses with most of the stereotypes in the depiction of Africa in colonial literature. Although still reprinted up to the end of the century, the novel is not mentioned anywhere in (post-)colonial scholarship.

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