n Acta Germanica : German Studies in Africa - Nicht-)Zugehörigkeit innerhalb der Gated Community : Zu Max Annas’ südafrikanischem Kriminalroman Die Mauer

Volume 46 Number 1
  • ISSN : 0065-1273


(Non-)Belonging within the Gated Community. Max Annas‘ South African Crime Novel Die Mauer.

This paper analyses the politics of (non-)belonging as portrayed in Max Annas’ prize-winning crime novel Die Mauer (2017). Annas’ portrayal of contemporary South African society within the walls of a gated community in suburban East London brings to the fore the relation of space to belonging and non-belonging, patterns of inclusion and exclusion highlighted by multiple perspectives and the plot of the crime novel. It is argued that the multidimensional nature of belonging comes into play when patterns of meanings (Deutungsmuster) attached to spaces demonstrate that socioeconomic, political and racial divisions persist in post-apartheid society.

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