n French Studies in Southern Africa - Enquête sur les objectifs, contenus et pratiques des enseignants de littérature langue étrangère à l’Université de Namibie

Volume 2018 Number 48
  • ISSN : 0259-0247


Most scholars consider literature in foreign language curricula as an important element in favour of foreign language acquisition. However, its application in the contents, objectives and teaching methods of modules may vary from one African country to another. Recently, research conducted by Horne discovered a repositioning or a “shift” of French Foreign Language and Literature in South African universities from a traditional Europe-centred approach to a communicative learner-centred cross-curricular discipline. This study investigated the status quo of Foreign Language and Literature teaching at the University of Namibia. If findings revealed that the “shift” towards African-centred and learner-centred approaches was evident in the Department of Language and Literature Studies, it was observed that the implementation and characteristics of these approaches are moulded in different ways according to lecturers’ convictions and expertise and according to the target language involved.

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