n African Entomology - The oxygen consumption rate of three lepidopteran maize pest species measured by a Clark polarographic oxygen electrode using an air-to-water respirometer chamber of novel design - short communication

Volume 26 Number 2
  • ISSN : 1021-3589



In the past, traditional oxygen consumption measurements on air-breathers have been made by means of chemical (Winkler titration) (Winkler 1888), physical (Cartesian divers) (Howard et al. 1965) and manometric analyses (Van Slyke & Neil 1924). However, high demand for continuous monitoring, large numbers of required samples over a short period and non-invasive measurements of O2 in complex biological samples have led to the development of a spectrum of O2 detection techniques. These included low-cost electrochemical sensors such as the Clark polarographic O2 electrode (Clark et al. 1953) and highly expensive opto-chemical sensors and biosensors (Peterson et al. 1984) and zirconium sensor technology which have already become indispensable in many laboratory applications.

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