n Gender Questions - Liberating Masculinities, Kopano Ratele - book review

Volume 6 Number 1
  • ISSN : 2309-9704



Judging by the spike in the number of publications on the topic of masculinities in southern Africa that we have seen in the past two decades (dating from 1998), it is fair to conclude that there has been marked attention paid to issues of masculinities. Kopano Ratele has been one of a number of scholars in southern Africa who pay great attention to masculinities as working models of being amongst various other gender models. Bringing together previously published essays in a single source, Liberating Masculinities provides readers access to the richly varied works of Ratele on masculinities in a single compendium. Admittedly though, for one familiar with Ratele’s oeuvre, there is not much new in the book per se. This is not, however, to disparage the book—it is good to see all the assembled essays in one place—but to specify its point of departure.

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