n African Journal of Rhetoric - Africa and the single names of post-globality : rhetoric and responsibility

Volume 10 Number 1
  • ISSN : 1998-2054


African thought has been grappling with the contradictory effects of the post-global: an intense form of globalization which evacuates the nation-state of much of its meaning and intensifies transnational modes of being such as cosmopolitanism, Afropolitanism, Afropeanism on the one hand, and circumscribes the agency of such identities through the rise of populist, demagogic, and provincial nationalisms on the other hand. Africa is being summoned to these sites of post-global tension on the basis of single names: Nigeria is corruption, South Africa is xenophobia, Liberia is ebola, Sierra Leone is blood diamonds. Virtually every African country is reduced to a mononym in post-globality. This lecture proposes an extended refection on this phenomenon and the role of rhetoric and culture in mitigating it.

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