n Southern African Journal of Accountability and Auditing Research - Audit committee best practice disclosure : cluster analyses to determine strengths and weaknesses

Volume 20 Number 1
  • ISSN : 1028-9011


In modern society, audit committees are perceived as the custodians of accountability and the ‘conscience’ of management and the board. But who holds the audit committee accountable for their actions or non-actions and how do we know what they are expected and are doing? Therefore, the objective of this article was to determine disclosure strengths and weaknesses of the various business spheres (the private sector presented by public listed companies; central government presented by national and provincial departments; public entities; and local government) in relation to each other, by comparing the disclosure and non-disclosure of audit committee to best practice guidelines as stipulated in the third King Report. Annual reports were analysed to establish organisations’ disclosure patterns within each business sphere. The SSPS Twostep clustering component was utilised to conduct the comparison. The results revealed that organisations within other business spheres can learn from the private sector to adhere to the King Report. This result provides the overseers of audit committees’ insight into where a specific business sphere’s disclosure strengths and weaknesses lie and serves as a foundation for future research.

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