n South African Food Review - Starches bring health and cost benefits to table - additives bulking agents

Volume 45 Number 11-12
  • ISSN : 0379-6000


These ingredients offer a cost-effective solution for the food industry at a time when increases in raw materials are squeezing price and profit margins. Consistently produced without the use of chemicals in a tightly-controlled and transparent process, many are available in organic form. The versatile functionality of raw materials can often lead to cost-effective production runs in bakery or ready meals by replacing expensive and less naturally produced ingredients. Food manufacturers looking to improve profit margins, but not relinquish functionality, can substitute potato flakes with a flaky wheat starch such as Pomgel. It features excellent dispersion properties; can achieve lump-free mixing and offers high water-binding capacity, keeping bread and bakery products fresher for longer. It also contains no additives (unlike many potato flakes). It is a clean-label product, declared simply as wheat starch on labelling.

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