n Acta Classica : Proceedings of the Classical Association of South Africa - ‘I will send him to Crete, and sandy Pylos.’ A fragment of the Cypria in the Homeric scholia? - miscellanea

Volume 61 Number 1
  • ISSN : 0065-1141
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At Odyssey 3.313-28, Nestor warns Telemachus not to prolong his absence from home, lest the suitors completely destroy his property, and advises the young man only to travel to Sparta in case Menelaus, who has arrived home quite recently, may have news of Odysseus. Nestor’s admonition: ‘tarry not, but travel to Sparta and then return home,’ may have struck some ancient readers as needless, since this was Telemachus’ plan all along. Or was it? One scholion claims that the passage ‘convinced Zenodotus to substitute “Crete” for “Sparta” in all passages about Telemachus’s journey’ and goes on to cite alternative lines for 1.93 and 1.285 with just this change. Line 1.93: πέμψω δ’ ἐς Σπάρτην τε καὶ ἐς Πύλον ἠμαθόεντα (‘I will send him to Sparta and sandy Pylos’), becomes πέμψω δ’ ἐς Κρήτην τε καὶ ἐς Πύλον ἠμαθόεντα (‘I will send him to Crete and sandy Pylos’). Line 1.285: κεῖθεν δὲ Σπάρτηνδε παρὰ ξανθὸν Μενέλαον (‘then to Sparta and blond Menelaus’), becomes κεῖθεν δ’ ἐς Κρήτην τε παρ’ Ἰδομενῆα ἄνακτα (‘then to Crete and lord Idomeneus’). I quote lines 1.284-86 below for the full context.

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