n South African Radiographer - Does the everyday lifestyle diet of patients for screening CT colonography impact on their bowel cleaning and perceptions of a one-day liquid diet?

Volume 56 Number 2
  • ISSN : 0258-0241
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Aim: To ascertain whether patients’ everyday diets for at least the past six months impact on bowel cleansing and their perceptions of the bowel preparation at screening CT colonography (CTC) and the taste of iohexol.

Methodology: A questionnaire was used in this prospective quantitative study. Consecutive patients who presented for screening CTC over a five week period voluntary completed the questionnaire. A separate assessment was used to rate bowel preparation: poorly prepared bowel with lots of residual stool was graded as 1; good bowel preparation with some residual stool was graded as 2; excellent bowel preparation with no residual stool was graded as 3.

Results: Fifty-six patients (n=56) completed the questionnaire. Only two patients followed an everyday diet of mainly red meat over the past six months. Forty-seven (84%) followed a mainly white meat/fish diet; seven (12%) followed a vegetarian diet without meat or fish. The majority (89%) presented with excellent bowel preparation with no residual stool. Four patients (a vegetarian and three on mainly a white meat/fish diet) experienced being very hungry. Five (9%) reported feeling nauseous; the majority stated the taste of iohexol was not a problem (48%) or was slightly unpleasant (n=20/36%).

Conclusion: Four patients (7%) were assessed as having good bowel preparation; fifty (89%) had excellent bowel preparation with no residual stool and minimal or no residual fluid. The majority (84%) followed a mainly white meat/fish diet. Future studies that have a bigger sample may provide different results. Studies could also be done to compare bowel preparation of patients who predominantly follow a red meat diet versus those that follow a total white meat/fish diet.

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