n South African Journal of Surgery - Compliance efficacy and patient satisfaction with two litre polyethylene glycol ascorbic acid for colonoscopy preparation in a outreach rural setting - general surgery

Volume 56 Number 4
  • ISSN : 0038-2361
  • E-ISSN: 2078-5151



Background: Annual surveillance of Lynch Syndrome patients from the rural Northern Cape Province of South Africa is conducted with a mobile colonoscopic unit. Excellent preparation of the colon is essential to detect small right sided lesions. We wished to evaluate a two litre polyethylene glycol (PEG) electrolyte solution containing ascorbic acid and sodium ascorbate Moviprep® as preparation for colonoscopy in this cohort.

Methods: Six weeks prior to the colonoscopy surveillance week, a team travelled to the area to prepare the patients for colonoscopy. Patients were individually counselled on the importance of bowel cleansing and the use of Moviprep®. Prior to their colonoscopy, subjects completed a product acceptability questionnaire. At the procedure, the quality of bowel preparation was assessed by a single individual (DJdV) using the Harefield cleansing scale grades; grades A or B were defined as good preparation and grades C or D as poor preparation.

Sixty four of the 71 subjects seen on the preparation trip completed the questionnaire and took their Moviprep®. The questionnaire responses showed that 53 (83%) had used other colon preparations previously and 57 (89%) would prefer Moviprep® for their next colonoscopy. Eighteen patients did not undergo colonoscopy due to time constraints. Forty-one of the 46 subjects (89%) who underwent colonoscopy had successful colonic preparation 7 of whom received an extra litre of Moviprep due to stool based nursing assessment prior to colonoscopy. Side effects of nausea and hunger were occasionally troublesome but did not affect compliance.

Conclusion: When patients are pre-councelled, Moviprep® provides adequate colonic cleansing in 73% with the standard regimen and 89 % after additional prep in subjects undergoing surveillance colonoscopy in a rural setting. Moviprep was tolerated well and 88% of subjects would choose the same preparation for their next colonoscopy.

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