n Without Prejudice - Race discrimination : employers not “innocent bystanders” - employment law

Volume 18 Number 11
  • ISSN : 1681-178X


In recent months, South African society has witnessed an upsurge of racist incidents that have resulted in certain people becoming household names for all the wrong reasons. Names such as Vicky Momberg, who lashed out at Black police officers trying to assist her following a smashand- grab incident in Johannesburg using the word, kaffir, 48 times; Jacobus Kruger in the reported ConCourt decision of SARS v Kruger who called his manager kaffir saying “I don’t understand how kaffir’s think. A kaffir must not tell me what to do”; Penny Sparrow, the estate agent, who referred to Black people as “monkeys” on Facebook; and Velaphi Khumalo who posted a racist tirade on Facebook in January 2016 stating that “I want to cleanse this country of all White people. We must act as Hitler did to the Jews”, are some of the now infamous names that have made headlines.

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