n South African Actuarial Journal - Finance, Society and Sustainability: How to Make the Financial System Work for the Economy, People and Planet, N. Silver - book review

Volume 18 Number 1
  • ISSN : 1680-2179


This book puts the financial services industry of the 21st century under the searching spotlight of an actuarial author whose experience and scholarship are both broad and deep. Notwithstanding some shortcomings in the writing, it is an important contribution to our understanding of the system within which we work and which defines our paradigm. It is important reading. In this review I first outline the author’s analysis of the problems with the financial services industry. Then I discuss his accusation that the financial services industry is sucking the system dry. And then I outline and comment on his proposals to fix the system. I raise some quibbles regarding the textual shortcomings. And finally I draw some conclusions.

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