oa Journal of Construction Project Management and Innovation - Construction professionals’ perception of the marketing strategies employed by construction firms in Abuja, Nigeria

Volume 8 Number 2
  • ISSN : 2223-7852



Effective marketing plays an important role in the overall success of companies and it is critical for any business to grow in the competitive environment. However, construction firms are unyielding to the complete adoption of comprehensive and effective marketing strategies to improve their performance and position in competition within the construction industry. This study assessed the perception of construction professionals regarding the marketing strategies adopted by construction firms in Abuja, Nigeria. The study adopted a questionnaire survey approach and a random sampling method was used to administer the questionnaire to 415 construction professionals. The response rate was 45.3%, and frequency, percentile, relative importance index and the Kruskal-Wallis test were used to analyze the data collected. The study revealed that maintaining a strong pool of professionals to boost the company image, developing non-economic or social bonds with clients, including ‘political’ offers in bids, having a project signboard, developing a marketable name as well as equipment branding, claim aversion, and free design contribution are the specific marketing strategies employed by construction firms. The major marketing strategies for improving the performance of construction firms are third-party-based strategies, project performance-based strategies, and client-based strategies. The study concluded that there is no significant statistical difference in the perception of respondents regarding the marketing strategies used in their firms. The study recommended that construction firms should ensure that there is continuous management support targeted towards improving their overall marketing strategies.

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