n SA Journal of Industrial Psychology - Developing teams for optimal performance in modern workplaces - Team leadership, theories, tools and techniques, by Hendrik S. Kriek - book review

Volume 44 Number 1
  • ISSN : 0258-5200
  • E-ISSN: 2071-0763



The book, Team leadership, theories, tools and techniques, offers a compendium of theories, tools and techniques for team leaders facing the challenge of optimising their teams’ performance. The author succeeds in differentiating between the utility of theories (i.e. overarching explanatory lenses for understanding phenomena), tools (e.g. assessment instruments) and techniques (i.e. practical behaviours and actions) in maximising team performance in modern organisational life. Anchored in sound theoretical and research-practice (evidence-based) foundations, the book serves as a novel example of ‘pracademic learning’ (Kriek, in press, p. 8). Academic stances on team development are made helpful and practical for team leaders by demonstrating the utility of a number of selected classical theories and assessment instruments in daily organisational life. Each chapter closes with a brief outline coined as ‘tips to team leaders’ on the usefulness of the theory, tools and/or techniques offered. Further reading options for deeper exploration of sources consulted are also provided. In this regard, the book offers the reader and team leader the choice of drawing from the book whatever they find most appropriate and useful for application in their unique team contexts.

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