oa African Journal of Public Affairs - Managing crime risk in the South African Post Office : the case of the North East Region of Limpopo Province of South Africa - research

Volume 10 Number 4
  • ISSN : 1997-7441



Postal services around the world is gradually becoming a victim of internal organisational crime. Statistics indicate that there is an increase of 21% on a yearly basis in criminal activities within postal services. In particular, different forms of postalrelated criminal activities have shown to be a persistent problem, including in South Africa, with seemingly little success in combating it. To curtail this trend, the South African Post Office (SAPO) has to implement strategies which will anticipate crime as part of a comprehensive risk management intervention.

This article is based on a study that was conducted in the South African Post Office, North East Region which is located in the Limpopo province. The primary objective of this study was to recommend measures which may be explored to ameliorate the problem from a public administration point of view. From the study, it is concluded that administrative and physical crime may mutual trust among staff, impact on morale, productivity levels and performance, the absence of which may lead to deficient service delivery and reduced public confidence. The article recommends that SAPO should implement mitigating crime prevention strategies especially in areas where critical postal transactions are performed.

The article concludes by providing specific suggestions to make the South African Post Office a crime free institution, yet emphasises the need to elongate the study into a more comprehensive, longitudinal research project.

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