oa African Journal of Public Affairs - Public-private partnerships and industrial relations in the public sector in Zambia - research

Volume 10 Number 4
  • ISSN : 1997-7441



This article discusses public-private partnerships (PPPs) and their effects on industrial relations in the public sector in Zambia. A qualitative approach was used to conduct the research. Both documentary and non-documentary data were collected. PPPs attempt to resolve problems of inefficiency, ineffectiveness and unresponsiveness facing the public sector by relying on resources from the private sector. These include financial and non-financial resources. However, PPPs result in poor public service delivery. This is due to the desire to increase profits. PPPs also affect industrial relations in the public sector. Their effects are felt at the workplace, collective bargaining and policymaking levels. These effects include role conflict at the workplace, reduced union bargaining power and reduced union influence on policy-making. Therefore, the PPP strategy is not a solution to problems facing the public sector in Africa. Instead, the public sector should build its own capacity to deliver public services.

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