oa CSIR Science Scope - The fourth industrial revolution – it’s happening but what does it mean? - opinion

Volume 13 Number 2
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When I was 10, I got my first radio – it had two tape decks so you could make mix tapes and even record from the radio (with permission, of course!). At the time it was high tech. Nowadays I can play any music I want from my smart phone, wirelessly. My first CD, which I got around 1990, was U2 – amazingly they’re still making music, but their last album was never on CD, only digital. Technology is moving at an unprecedented pace. We are moving into a new technological age – some call it the fourth industrial revolution. Regardless of what it’s called, we are in an era where technology has advanced to a stage where it will have a significant impact on the nature of manufacturing as well as all aspects of our lives.

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