oa Educor Multidisciplinary Journal - Internal and external factors that influence the retention of academics in higher education institutions in South Africa

Volume 2 Number 1
  • ISSN : 2520-4254
  • E-ISSN: 2663-2349



The purpose of this study is to identify the factors that influence the retention or exit of academics in the Higher Educational (HE) sector. There are various experiences and factors that motivate job satisfaction, and ones that conversely compel one’s exit from the industry. There are certain target groups that are attracted to this industry as well as factors that compel academics to leave the industry. These academics will migrate to other sectors should there be too many factors that give rise to dissatisfaction. This study compares the retention situation in HE to similar situations in both South Africa and abroad.

The ability to retain staff who have experience and skills in the sector becomes a problem when staff exit the field of HE. Despite the uncertainty of the economy in South Africa and other countries, the demand for academic staff in HE is on the increase. Recruitment and retention problems have an impact on future employees. Various studies have been conducted on the retention of staff in HE. This paper reinforces the need to further examine the factors that influence the retention (and exit) of staff from the field of HE.

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