oa Educor Multidisciplinary Journal - Integrating social networks in the education system : pros and cons

Volume 2 Number 1
  • ISSN : 2520-4254
  • E-ISSN: 2663-2349



Present students are investing a lot of energy on the web, particularly on social media. Social sites, which are content management systems, can offer an awesome potential for diversified learning. This exploratory work looks at the advantages and disadvantages of integrating social media into the context of education and learning. This exploratory research seeks to demonstrate the potential opportunities and pitfalls that social media could contribute to the teaching and learning practice. Surveys were conducted in small classroom settings in rural science schools in the Alice zone of the Eastern Cape Province. Students are subjects of both e-learning (with particular emphasis on social media) and traditional teaching techniques. Feedback forms were given to all students to complete. Afterwards, the forms underwent analysis. It came in light that, despite the fact social networks have a an vast opportunity to advance teaching and learning, there are barriers to use of cellophanes at schools and attitudes of educators towards social networks (e.g. many cited that social networks tend to waste valuable time that would otherwise be used on educational engagement, etc.). It is rational that social media can be powerful in changing instruction practices on the off chance that their use is for informative purposes. Social media can be powerful in changing instruction practices if they are used for informative purposes. This study suggests that both teachers and students must explore the opportunities offered by social media for educational advancement.

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