n South African Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Review - Rethink how you formulate skin care products - speciality ingredients

Volume 46 Number 2
  • ISSN : 0257-2028


In the US, Nielsen reported skin care sales have only grown by two percent, while makeup enjoyed double digit growth over the past two years. What’s more interesting is the small amount of growth in skin care sales actually came from makeup inspired formulations, while traditional antiageing treatments stagnated. This movement may reflect a new mindset for skin care consumers. While anti-ageing benefits are still highly sought after, Sensient Cosmetic Technologies say consumers have a new appetite for claims such as ‘healthier looking skin’, ‘glowing complexion’ and ‘pro-aging’. This shift reflects the overall positive lifestyles and habits of consumers. The other main drawback of traditional skin care is its delayed efficacy, which doesn’t sit well with millennials who want instant gratification. New cosmetics formulations need to reflect this new paradigm, so brands will have to rethink how they approach skin care.

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