n Meetings - A better you

Volume 2019 Number 83
  • ISSN : 1684-9264


This year, I am seeing more determination than ever before – from individuals and industry alike. As Miss Meet can attest to on page 40, 2019 will not be any easier than last year, but perhaps with a combination of head and heart, we can aspire to much greater heights. As Amanda Kotze-Nhlapo, one of the industry’s most prominent figures, says in this issue’s Big Interview, we should be driven towards co-opetition. Bids across our country are done on a rotational basis so that the opportunity to host an event is available to everyone – why not do the same for service providers and venues? John Arvanitakis, CEO of Chat’r Xperience, weighs in a little more with possible angles, on page 15, for wider inclusion of the various aspects of the industry.

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