n Annals of the Ditsong National Museum of Natural History - Revision of the genus Entephrilema Krüger (Lepidoptera: Erebidae: Arctiinae: Lithosiini)

Volume 8 Number 1
  • ISSN : 2220-4563


The genus Entephrilema Krüger, 2015 is revised. The type species, Entephrilema murinum Krüger, 2015 and E. continentale (Kühne, 2010) are redescribed, and one species from Namibia and 37 species from South Africa are described as new. These are listed below as per geographical provenance, followed by their respective type localities in brackets. Namibia: E. namibiense spec. nov. (Wlotzkasbaken on the central Namibian coast). South Africa, Northern Cape (seven species): E. vansoni spec. nov. (Soebatsfontein); E. paravansoni spec. nov. (Brakfontein, Richtersveld); E. kamiense spec. nov. and E. longipenne spec. nov. (Kamieskroon); E. frigens spec. nov. (Sutherland); E. fauces spec. nov. (Studer’s Pass near Kamiesberg); and E. litorale spec. nov. (Hondeklip Bay). Western Cape (21 species): E. namaquense spec. nov. (Bitterfontein, Namaqualand); E. pallens spec. nov. (Seweputs); E. endroedyi spec. nov. (Kotzesrus); E. angulatum spec. nov. and E. virgatum spec. nov. (Rocherpan Nature Reserve north of Velddrif, coastal); E. rattus spec. nov. and E. maritimum spec. nov. (Lambert’s Bay and Klein Klipheuvel); E. inornatum spec. nov. (Hex River); E. cedrusmontanum spec. nov. (Cederberg mountains near Clanwilliam); E. brevilamina spec. nov. (Worcester); E. dicksoni spec. nov. (Robertson); E. promontorii spec. nov., E. imitator spec. nov. and E. triumvirale spec. nov. (Cape Peninsula, Table Mountain); E. swanepoeli spec. nov. (Cape Peninsula, Clovelly); E. immundum spec. nov. and E. aemulum spec. nov. (Knysna); E. anceps spec. nov. (Brenton-on-Sea near Knysna); E. musculus spec. nov. (Plettenberg Bay). Eastern Cape (11 species): E. camdeboo spec. nov., E. eremita spec. nov., E. nigricans spec. nov. and E. krooni spec. nov. (Camdeboo mountain range and surrounding areas); E. fallax spec. nov. (Graaff-Reinet District); E. staudei spec.nov. (Jansenville); E. parile spec.nov. (Bedford District); E. marlowense spec. nov. (Somerset East District); E. clarki spec. nov. (Bushman’s River Station); E. vittatum spec. nov. (Heidelberg District);and E. soricinum spec.nov. from the Uitenhage District. A distinguishing feature of the genus is the sympatric occurrence of several of its members in several localities; all Entephrilema species known thus far are narrow endemics. The type series of Entephrilema continentale (Kühne, 2010), transferred from Phryganopsis Felder, 1874 by Krüger (2015), proved to be mixed, consisting of a total of eight taxa, seven of which are described as new to science below. A key to the species of Entephrilema is provided, as are illustrations of the adults and genitalia and distribution maps. A Gazetteer complements the study.

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