oa South African Health Review - Development of a national strategic framework for a high-quality health system in South Africa - review

Volume 2018 Number 1
  • ISSN : 1025-1715



The Constitution of South Africa enshrines the right to quality health care and provides the basis for numerous policies and legislation aimed at improving access, eliminating inequalities and increasing health system safety. To date, quality initiatives have been unco-ordinated and fragmented across the public and private health sectors. In addition, lack of a sound action plan for implementation of quality-improvement strategies has led to limited impact on health services. There is need for a strategic framework to address policy issues, organise service delivery, and monitor the impact of initiatives seeking to improve quality outcomes.
This chapter outlines the development of a multilevel national strategic framework to institutionalise and guide planning, delivery and measurement of health systems quality in South Africa. A situational analysis was done of existing policies and implementation initiatives and lessons were learned from international case studies, providing a sound evidence base for implementation of the framework.

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