n Farmer’s Weekly - ‘Green’ livestock production : the facts and the fictions - by invitation

Volume 2019 Number 19010
  • ISSN : 0041-848X


As the planet’s human population grows, the area of arable land available to feed and clothe each person continually declines. It is anticipated that this figure will be approximately 0,15ha/ person by 2050, compared with 0,3ha/person in 1980. So the global agriculture sector, including its livestock industry, is facing the massive challenge of having to significantly improve its productivity to adequately feed everybody, while using fewer resources. Animal rights activists pose a major threat to the international livestock industry’s ability to improve its productivity into the future. These activists have surprisingly large financial resources and they influence policymakers and the general public. They are able to get consumers to take a closer look at and to question the methods used to produce animal products.

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