n Farmer’s Weekly - Common livestock illnesses and how to treat them - communal farming

Volume 2019 Number 19010
  • ISSN : 0041-848X


Common livestock illnesses such as coccidiosis, respiratory tract infections such as pneumonia, and conditions such as foot rot all seem to arise during wet weather when bacteria and other organisms are active. In addition, studies have shown that cattle up to one year old in feedlots are susceptible to gastric illnesses and respiratory tract and lung infections. This is probably due to the cramped conditions found in many feedlots, as well as stress, which can weaken their immune systems. Similarly, many communal farmers kraal their animals at night to protect them from predators and stock theft. This often creates a stressful environment, particularly if kraals are too small for the number of animals, or there is insufficient clean drinking water and feed.

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