n Farmer’s Weekly - Weaner calf prices increase 20% month-on-month - commodity corner

Volume 2019 Number 19010
  • ISSN : 0041-848X


Compared year-on-year, the average beef carcass price for all grades was significantly down by an average of 15,6%. For the week ending 15 February, prices declined week-on-week by 1,6%. (All week-on-week prices cited here are for 8 February to 15 February). Further declines, however, are not expected for A and B grades; Class A beef prices are expected to enjoy underlying support in line with seasonality as demand is likely to increase until April (see Graph 1). The Class C beef price could trade between 3% and 4% lower until March. Week-on-week, the average Class A price traded 2,6% lower at R38,99/kg, while the Class C price increased 0,4% to R37,54/kg. The average weaner calf price increased significantly by 12,4% to R31,54/kg from the price of a month ago, when it was 20,5% lower. The average hide price decreased 32,4% to reach R2/kg green.

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