n Farmer’s Weekly - The future of weed management - crops - weed management

Volume 2019 Number 19010
  • ISSN : 0041-848X


If farming is the most ancient occupation on the planet, then weeding definitely comes second, says Leonard Oberholzer, head of technology development and agronomy at Bayer Crop Science. Speaking at a combined congress of soil, weed, horticulture and crop production societies earlier this year, Oberholzer outlined what the future of weed management might entail as farmers sought to employ new techniques in response to a fast-evolving challenge. According to Oberholzer, the change from hand weeding to chemical control, especially in developing countries, is one of the factors driving so-called weed shifts. This is when the relative populations of weed species in an area change, particularly when some species are more susceptible to a herbicide and others are more tolerant of it. The latter grow in number at the expense of the former.

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