oa Journal for New Generation Sciences - An instrument to assess neonatal chest image quality

Volume 16 Number 2
  • ISSN : 1684-4998



Depending on their condition, most neonates in a neonatal intensive care unit require multiple diagnostic imaging examinations. Therefore, radiographers who perform these diagnostic imaging examinations should use optimal imaging techniques, to limit radiation dose and to ensure optimal image quality. The study wished to determine if radiographers were producing consistent optimal chest images and limiting radiation doses for neonates in a neonatal intensive care unit. A descriptive quantitative study was done by utilising a checklist compiled from literature to evaluate 450 neonatal chest images. Evaluation of the images indicates that radiographers seem unable to adhere to radiation control regulations. The authors propose including the checklist as part of a radiation safety improvement process, as it proved to be an assessment tool for identifying areas in image quality that require improvement.

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