n Journal of Education and Entrepreneurship - Linkage between parents’ gender and students’ academic determination in secondary schools in Laikipia County, Kenya

Volume 6 Number 1
  • ISSN : 2636-4794



The study was based on McClelland’s Achievement Motivation Theory and it used ex post facto research approach to collect data through a questionnaire. The study’s target population was 375 form three and four students in 106 public secondary schools in the County who were randomly selected from a targeted population of 11,580 students. Nominal scale data were analyzed through percentages and frequency counts while ordinal scale data were analyzed by use of χ2 statistic at .05 alpha level of confidence using the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS). The study revealed that students from female-headed household demonstrated a higher level of academic determination compared with their counterparts from male-headed households (p˃ .05). This finding has an important lesson on increasing students’ academic determination, which among others includes the need for schools to come up with students’ based guidance and counselling programmes which should pay more attention to students from unfavourable home backgrounds specifically, male headed households.

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