oa South African Journal of Higher Education - Challenges to admissions in the Extended Curriculum Programme of the Faculty of Business and Management Sciences

Volume 33 Number 1
  • ISSN : 1011-3487



The Extended Curriculum Programme (ECP) of the Faculty of Business and Management Sciences (FBMS) faces challenges at the beginning of every year. The major constraints and sources of these challenges emanate from the application, admission and registration processes for the programme. The challenges are primarily thought to be origination from the structure at the high school level where little of computer knowledge is passed on to learners, critically so for students from rural structures where there are no facilities. Articulating from high school to university becomes a problem for the learners from these schools without adequate facilities. Consequently, both the lecturers and the new entrants meet with serious problems resulting from cognitive dissonance, with the ECP students feeling left out in the transition. The generality of the educators in the townships and indeed the rural schools have serious challenges with computers, and hence they have no computer technology skill to pass on to the high school finalists as they prepare for transition to tertiary education. The article proposes a different context-relevant approach for the application, admission and registration process as it affects first year ECP applicants. Changes to the admission policy to make it compulsory for all admissions to be concluded at the same time, would reduce the failure rate of these students who are ill prepared for tertiary education and still join university late in the semester. Specifically, the rural learners as they “transit” from high school to tertiary education without adequate preparation. Setting up fixed admission dates and cut-off times for the processes would enable the learners to start together with other system in time to avoid failure rates.

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