n Without Prejudice - A finger lickin’ good trademark strategy? Muhlberg's brief - intellectual property law

Volume 19 Number 4
  • ISSN : 1681-178X


What are we to make of KFC’s recent “Guy we’re flattered” campaign? If you missed it, it went something like this: the colonel (yes he’s still around, although he’s now a godfather-like dude) trawls the mean streets of the UK – the “wild west”, the “home of the imitators”, the place where “everybody wants a piece of you”. He sees one *FC fast food outlet after the other – there’s every letter of the alphabet out there, AFC all the way through to ZFC. His response: “Good luck to you”, but “there’s only one colonel in Chicken Town”. The message – we’re flattered that you all want to create some sort of link with us, but the truth is you simply can’t compete with our “original recipe”.

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